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Q : Why was I billed when I originally signed up for a trial? Q : Why was I billed when I upgraded to a multimedia premium account for $2.95 ? Q : Where can I find the terms of the trial? Q : How can I confirm that my membership is cancelled? Q : How can I view my transaction history? Q : Why am I still being charged after I cancelled? Q : How does the billing work for a trial membership? Q : What happens if I cancel a Premium membership? Q : My credit card has expired and I wish to maintain my current membership, how can I update my credit card information? Q : Why has my credit card / debit card been authorized for $1.00 after registration? Q : How can I get further assistance by phone or by email? Q : What is the refund policy?
For additional information, please call our toll-free number at 1-877-801-9071 for US and Canadian customers and 1-302-824-0109 for International customers, 24h, 7 days a week.


Q : What is being installed on my system, is it necessary to play and download games? Q : I have downloaded a game, why does it ask me to add to the library again? Q : I have received an error, and I cannot install the Raisegame player. Q : What is Raisegame? Q : What are the minimum requirements? Q : Can I play Games on another PC? Q : How many games can I play with my subscription? Q : How many computers can I install and use the Raisegame Player on?

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Toll-free No: 1-877-801-9071

Primary #: 1-302-824-0109